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To Cultivate. To Engage. To Become.

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I am a headshot and portrait photographer based in Louisville, Kentucky.

I do love to travel so do not let my location stop you!  Im always up for a good road trip and for meeting new people.

As a visual story teller, I love to capture the story that is You!  I work with you to learn who you are and work to bring out your best.  Capturing those moments bring out your story.  

I strive to cultivate and engage not only the session but with you, most importantly.  This is my passion and has been for years.  I love finding ways that I can use my passion to help others reach and live theirs as well.

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Francis Carson is a photographer originally from the sun-kissed groves of Florida’s Indian River.

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General Questions/Inquiries: Please feel free to use this form and I will get back to you.

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