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TFP vs Paid shoots

What is TFP?

TFP is short for Time For Print.  It is a close term as well meaning both the model and photographer will shoot for "free" but in reality they are trading off. 

Yes I do shoot TFP however i do so on a limited basis.  I shoot if I am going to try something new, collaborating with others, trying something  artistic or even when wanting to stay sharp learning new techniques and styles.  Much like a chef will still go home and cook a meal.  If you love what you do, you find ways to keep doing it.

I do believe in paying for models as well.  Everything has a currency.  Weather it is time,  money, possessions, information, knowledge,  expertise, physical goods or merchandise there are many forms of currency that can be used.  It is much like the barter system in modern day times.

When it comes to charitable events, fundraising, and just to brighten up someone's day I have done TFP or Pro Bono work.  I will continue to do these as well.  

I may not be able to shoot everyone and everything in TFP.  I am learning how to create and run a business form the ground up.  Camera gear is not cheap nor is keeping up with web space,  prints, photo editing programs and the plethora of the other stuff needed to keep the day to day operations running.  

If you would like a TFP session please contact me HERE and I will reach out to you to see what may be able to work together  and create.

Thomas Branch