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Because you never know

Not everyday is meant to me stuck in studio.  Not everyday is meant to be shooting for clients and others.  Sometimes you just go shooting for yourself.

This was the case from 4 years ago when a friend and I went to explore an abandoned leatherwork factory in New Albany Indiana.  I love buildings in ruin.  I cant express how much I love the timeless look where the clock stopped and now the building is stuck in time until the materials ruin.

All was fun and well on my photographic tour when we also saw there was a Wetlands area right behind it.  Bonus right!  Now we have another location to shoot.  While walking around there we came upon and abandoned train bridge.  This day just keeps getting better right?

Even though these were not the reason I made it out there, I still took the opportunity to capture the moments on my camera.  I had hoped to come back one day.

Fast forward a few years at my day job and I overheard a conversation about the Silver Creek train bridge was torn down.  What?  How can this be?  It indeed is now gone.  I then realized that I had been there and taken photos.

So now I have historical documentation of the train bridge.  A co-worker loves trains so I went to hunt the photos down in my archive, aka on a hard drive somewhere...maybe.  Luckily I did find them.  They were nearly 4 years old.  I brushed them up a tad.  I looked at the composition, well I get pickier each year of my previous work.  They were not the best.  But they were still good.

So the moral of the story is do not skip a photo as you may not know if that one click of the shutter is actually going to preserve a memory or document time.  And second lesson is if you are going to shoot, don't just snap, compose it and make it a good photo as you do not know if you will ever get to come back!

Thomas Branch