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Ya know what Hurley was right

Ya know what Hurley was right.  He wasn’t saying anything sensational or never before seen type of conspiracy theory type stuff.  But People really do not know what they look like.

Earlier today I was doing a fundraiser shoot and was between clients.  So I did what any great photographer would do, I shot myself.  I turned the laptop towards me, put it on a music stand so I could shoot tethered and see the results.

I could have taken cheap way out and had someone else take the photos, but I wanted to say that I took my own photos thank you very much!

The lesson learned is that you do not know what you look like.  Life is not the same on the other side of the camera.  In front of the lens, whatever you think you may know is not all you think it is.

Looking at my photos, I would have told myself to look this way, do this or that, turn a different direction and so much more.  Heck even needed to tell myself to smile on several of these.

So looking at my own photos, I know that one cannot simply always coach one’s self.  We sometimes need each other to really know what we look like and what we need to do to reach our dreams, goals, expressions and whatever else we just darn well need.

It’s ok that we need other people to help bring out the best in ourselves.  It is also important to remember what life is like on the other side to know how we can help the others out nd bring out the best in them. 

No matter who is sitting in front of my lens it is important for me to help cultivate and engage them to bring out the best  version of themselves they can be.

Thomas Branch