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A lens review….. Sigma 24-70 2.8 ART (Canon)

On my way up to a photography workshop in Cincinnati I really didn’t have a great lens.  Hey we all have to start somewhere.  And since I have been unable to find a stream of paying clients, I have to make do with what I have.

The workshop had begun and the instructor gave out advise on what the settings should be to get the desired look.  My lens was well, it was given to me and I can see why! 

Well before the class he did mention that Sigma gave him a lens to review.  Well I saw he was not going to be using it and asked him if I may borrow it for the workshop.    That was the best thing I could have done that day was ask for that!

So I have yet to play with the Sigma ART line up yet.  And I am a fan of the Canon 24-70mm 2.8 as it is a sturdy and dependable piece of glass.  I know Sigma has been making some big headway in the market.  All I got to say is Canon better step up the game or lower some prices because these are some good lenses.

I have used a Sigma lens before which was not bad lens at all.  But it was Canon quality.  If the subject oved I would miss the shot while it was focusing.  But this lens was a different story and changed the way I feel about Sigma.

First thing I noticed was the weight of the lens.  It was some weighty stuff.  It felt very sturdy even being a smaller lens.  I could tell just holding it this was going to be a sturdy dependable lens.  Well let’s get some shots to see how it does.

The res was a blur over the next few hours as I did not change my lens for anything after that.  Shot after shot they were very sharp.  The photos that were messed up were my fault as I forgot to change the ISO settings.  Yay go me!!!!

But the speed of the lens and shutter I did not miss the shots.  It focused on just what I needed it to and was very sharp.  I did have trouble adjusting from studio light into ambient daylight which once again was on my side of the error.

But the Sigma lens itself I felt was that assistant telling me don’t worry boss I got this!  And that it did.  Focus was fast, images sharp, it didn’t throw a fit with the focus and the 2.8 wide open did very well.  Once or twice I took it to 4.0.  But I was able to stay on one and stay there.

The price is cheaper than the Canon lens of the same specs.  I wish it were just a wee tad less expensive but for the money it is a good lens and I feel worthy to be considered a competitor or Canon. 

Some lenses are cheaper and you can tell.  There is usually a trade off in quality or speed.  If there were I did not see it or if were, it was so minimal it was nearly non-existent.

If I were to place side by side with the Canon this would be a hard choice.  I would nearly have to flip for it as I know both are stellar lenses, both are built very great, both feel right, and both produce excellent photos.  If money is no object or if you are a brand loyalist, then maybe Canon is your answer.  If you want to save a few hundred dollars then Sigma is the way to go. 

At the end of the day if I did not have a Canon lens I would be very happy and proud to say that I own the Sigma 24-70 2.8 ART lens.  It really is a nicely made piece of equipment that is worthy to be added into your collection.

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Link to Sigma page

Oh yeah by the way I have not been endorsed or paid for this review or anyone.  These are my results from spending the afternoon with the lens shooting models under a variety of lighting scenarios. 



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